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Why Us…?

Why Us

As a customer of software development we support both app/software development and website hosting, designing, programming, sms, seo services, you'd always look for something very best and a fantastic support from your service provider. Today thousands of pure hosting providers are providing hosting services and to choose one right among them is a critical job. WinTech Global Solutions is a customer oriented company that provides quality web hosting, designing, sms solutions to customers. Our world-class data centers, unmatched customer service and feature-packed services have earned us the reputation as the premiere provider of web hosting solutions to customers around the world.

Dedicated to customer satisfaction
We are a customer oriented & service driven co. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction & we are simply passionate about it. We would do anything which will please you let it be walking you through a domain transfer or account setup, helping you’re in email setup, finding a suitable script or helping to troubleshoot it, finding  we'll do what it takes to keep you happy. We will always strive for the betterment of our primary goal: true customer satisfaction. We understand that our true concern for our clients is something that competitors are lacking.

We have been in the business for 4 years now, we have seen many companies come and go due to lack of experience and knowledge. With our proven track record of more than 4 years in the industry we stand apart from all our competitors. Our experienced tech having long history in software development process and web hosting a pleasure with us our clients choose us because of our experience and expertise in the field of scalable hosting solutions
Our Quality of Service assurance holds on all levels of service, from virtual server hosting to co-location solutions. While most providers have no QoS assurance for their customers, we implemented this policy to guarantee that the intangible service of hosting we provide meets the quality expectations of our customers on all levels. We are able to offer a QoS assurance because we put our dedicated servers at world' best Data Centres. We have the technology and infrastructure needed to provide the highest level of QoS at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 

We give our customers an assurance of quality, of wonderful service and fanatic support. Our customers choose us because of the trust they have gained over the period years from our support and services. Our whole organization works on a single principal of working hard to provide the best kind of services and while we have done so this has given a strong assurance to all our customers in our services.  Our clients choose us because we make Quality of Service a higher priority than profitability.